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Envirologists and Ecolophers,

  1. Election Results
  2. Social Outreach Chair position available
  3. Bioblitz update
  4. Green Fest Awards
  5. Think Local Conference
  6. Multi Modal Madness
  7. Earth Day
  8. Greening UGA Forum
  9. Day on the Lawn
  10. Awesome Weekend plans
  11. Spring Retreat plans
  12. Our new website
  13. Our new Flickr account
  14. Tshirts
  15. Next meeting = last
Election Results

Congrats to Georgia Cobb, who will be replacing Jean as club co-pres next year. Yay! Also to Jenny Brickman, our treasurer, Kerry and Devin, official co-strippers, and Devin again, chief composter.

Social Outreach Chair position available

We are looking for another dedicated club member to serve as our social outreach chair. The chair would plan and coordinate at least two educational/community outreach events within the local community (one/semester), whether through schools, charities, EcoReach, or elsewhere. We will vote next meeting.

Bioblitz update

Well, we lost (again) to Auburn 94-74, but not without a fight. Overall, 50 sp. and 15 county records were identified, enough to be written up and published. Thanks to all who came out! Next year, next year…

Green Fest Awards

Go Green Alliance has decided on the First Annual GreenFest Awards for UGA, but that’s not all that’s happening April 17th!  Starting at 6 PM, the Terrapin Brewery will host the award ceremony, free tours and free beer!  All are invited!  Come out to show your support for sustainability at UGA and in Athens-Clarke County.  VIsit http://www.athensgreenfest.org/Awards.html for more details.

Think Local Conference

Roosevelt @ UGA invites you to participate in the Think Local! Conference this Saturday, April 18, 2009.  This collaborative event will bring together community leaders, UGA professors, and students to address some of Athens-Clarke County’s most challenging policy problems.  The three areas of focus are housing, health care, and education.  In intimate breakout sessions, participants will deliberate with leaders from Athens, as well as experts from the University of Georgia faculty, to develop real policy solutions for the community.  The conference will be an opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with local challenges and provide fresh ideas and energy to some of the city’s endemic problems

The conference will begin with a light breakfast on Saturday, April 18th, at 8:30am.  The conference will come to a close at 1:30pm after lunch and a group discussion.  OPTIONAL: At 2:00pm, all participants are invited to attend Roosevelt @ UGA’s Fourth Annual Symposium, with keynote speaker Judge Steve Jones, chairman of the Athens Area Community Foundation.  A reception will immediately follow the symposium.

All UGA students (Honors and non-Honors) from every discipline are encouraged to register. Please RSVP and send any questions to ugaroosevelt@gmail.com.  Please note that there are a limited number of spots available.

Multi Modal Madness

MultiModal Madness is an adventure race across Athens by way of bus, bike, walking and other forms of alternative transport.  It’ll start and end at the Terrapin Brewery from 10am-2pm, Saturday, April 18th.  You gain points by getting to as many of 12 destinations as you can (throughout town) and winning transportation related physical and trivia challenges at those checkpoints.

Will be in Teams of 2.  Modest registration fee.  It’s part of GreenFest.  Visit http://www.bikeathens.com/activities/mmm/index.html for more details.

Greening UGA Forum

With the success of The Green Initiative Fee, an informational meeting to discuss UGA and Athens Going Green will be held at 6:30 pm on Wed., April 22 in Rm 147 in theMiller Learning Center. The event is open to students, faculty and other members of the UGA community to learn more about conservation and recycling to help the planet. The meeting is expected to last 90 minutes.

The forum, which will continue with Earth Day’s theme of “It’s So Easy Being Green,” will highlight how simple it is to help the environment. The event will feature suggestions and solutions, as well as ways to become more involved. The event is hosted by Dr. Lynn Sallot’s Public Relations Campaign class and is a part of the National Conversation of Climate Action.

There will be 6 panelists speaking on various GREEN issues around campus andAthens.  The panelists are:

Andrew Lentini – UGA’s Recycling Coordinator

Dr. Laurie Fowler – Director of Public Services and Special Programs at theOdum School

Suki JansenAthens-Clarke County Waste Reduction Administrator

Nancy Lindbloom – co-chair of Greenfest

Mayor Heidi Davidson – Mayor of AthensClarke County

Dick Field Athens-Clarke County Environmental Coordinator

Audience members will be invited to ask questions and participate in discussion. Following the formal portion of the event, audience members will have the opportunity to personally interact and discuss issues with the panelists and each other.

Day on the Lawn

On Friday, April 24, the UGA Herpetological Society will be displaying all of their reptiles and amphibians and knowledge thereof for the community on the Brooks Mall (between Forestry and Pharmacy). Come out from 10-3 to learn about these beautiful animals and meet some up close!

Awesome Weekend plans

Friday late afternoon leave Athens for Pigeon Mountain near LaFayette, GA (~3hrs). Camping Friday/Sat night, free Ecology Club Zoo Atlanta tour Sunday at noon. Carpools are leaving Friday, Saturday morning, and Sunday (just Zoo tour), so sign up! Send any equipment needs to ugaecologyclub@gmail.com. Sign up for a carpool here: http://doodle.com/sastmsig5xhbqtq6

Spring Retreat plans

Get excited, our Spring Retreat is here! We will be converging on the Odum Cabin in Ila, GA Friday and Saturday, May 1 and 2. Several of us are biking out there on Friday (~25-30 miles), with others carpooling later in the day. Party Friday night, Bioblitz all day Saturday. Bring sleeping bags, flashlights, outdoor clothes, hiking shoes, and instruments/games to play. More details about carpools,  biking plans, and the Bioblitz coming soon.

Our new website


Our new Flickr account

Please add any decent Ecology Club photos you have to our new Flickr account at flickr.com. Please see the white board in the ecology building lounge for username/password details.


Last call for tshirt orders. Please let us know (via ugaecologyclub@gmail.com) what size and color (either galaxy (blueish) or pomegranate (pinkish)).

Next meeting = last

Sad, I know, but our last meeting of the year will be April 21st at 5:00pm in the lounge. As always, it is clothing-optional.

Love, Peace, and Using Less and Learning More,
Mark and Jean and Georgia and everybody

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