Spring Retreat

Hey everybody!

As you all should know, this weekend we’re heading up to the Odum cabin to have a smashing good time! Yay!
So, here are some tid-bits for you to know before it all goes down:

Some really awesome kids are biking there. Like Misha! Woah.They leave at 2:30 from Ecology and will be taking breaks and going slow, so if you’d like to join, go for it! Distance is approx. 20 miles… please let us know if you are biking so we can arrange for your things to be brought up in a car. Bring water, though… contact Mark at 678-787-8597 for more info.
Carpools leave at 4:00 from the Ecology parking lot (down Snelling road). Come on by, and there will be a place for you.
If these times aren’t particularly suitable, you can drive yourself up anytime you’d like (that way you can leave whenever you need to as well). Directions to Spring Hollow will be posted on the Ecology club website, https://ugaecologyclub.wordpress.com/ later this week.

Cars are leaving at 8:30am from the Ecology parking lot for anyone who needs a ride. Contact Calley at 770-906-7919 for more info.
Someone will probably be coming home Saturday evening, too, if you need that.

To bring:
Sleeping bag, pillow, hiking shoes, flashlights, games, instruments, food if you can, and a camera**.

**Camera is important for Bioblitz (all specimens must be photo-recorded).

The Bioblitz will run from midnight-midnight (all day Sat), so come ready to compete! (or relax on the porch) – for more details, search the club website.


Georgia and Jean and Mark


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