EC Members Abroad and Blogging

Summer greetings, Ecolovers,

As usual, several of our own are out and about in various parts of the country and world this summer, and we want to hear about your experiences! Also, we have a lot of freshman coming this year, and Misha will be directing them to this page, so hopefully they can get a good look into all that we do!

There are two summer blogs that I know of (if you have one that you want on here, email it):

Jean Chi : la vie en vol

Mark Milby: Marky at Maqui

Let’s all post our summer photos to our Flickr account so we can follow one another! This includes rising freshman, transfers, or future members as well. Here’s how to do it:

Log on to Flickr by going to

Sign in using YahooID “” and Password “misha#1” (no quotations & the email is just a fake, don’t email it).

Click “Upload photos and video.”

Select your photos, make sure that “Public” is checked, and Upload them.

When they have uploaded, click “Add a description”

Here you can add titles and details, but under Batch Operations, add the tag “yourname summer 09”. For example, I added a few photos, and tagged them all as “markmilby summer 09” (this time, IN quotations).

Click Save.

As photos are posted, you will get your own set under the collection “Summer 09”. We’ll organize them away for you.

Yay! It’s that easy! We miss you guys oh so very much, and we can’t wait to see you again!

Love always,

Mark and Georgia


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