Mural Mondays!

Hello, Eco-darlings!

The Meet and Greet was awesome tonight! Thanks to all of you that came out, you’re wonderful! If you couldn’t make it out tonight, don’t you worry, we’ve got some great events coming up that everyone can look forward to. We’ll be sending out a detailed email about the semester with dates and times very soon.
This email is dedicated to the MURAL!!!
Thanks to the AMAZING Ashton Griffin, we have the mural all cut and laid out! All it needs now is some paint slapped on it!
We’ve got the designs for the most part, now we need your help:
Artist or not, we could really use anyone, plus, it will be an awesome way to get to know our new members!
We are planning on having Mural Mondays, as you can see if you look on the Ecology Club gmail calender, which we’ll share with you all.
Essentially, we’ll meet up somewhere that has a good amount of space(probably Georgia’s house, since we have a basement that we can use), draw, paint, listen to music, order some pizza and have a jolly good time.
How does 7 this Monday (the 24th) sound to everyone? I’ll be sending out a map to my house, and if you need a ride from campus, feel free to ask! Also, if you can’t come right at seven, just drop by whenever and for however long. We’d love to have you!
Look for another email confirming time and place in the next few days.
I look forward to seeing all of your lovely faces!
Colorfully yours,
Georgia and Mark

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