Budding Ecologists and Accomplished Ecology Clubbers,

  1. Go Green Alliance tonight
  2. Mural painting date set
  3. Gameday Recycling update
  4. Awesome Weekend date set
  5. Fall Retreat date set
  6. Ecofocus FB group
  7. Website

1. Everyone interested in general environmental advocacy at UGA is invited to the first full Go Green Alliance meeting tonight (Tuesday) at 6:30pm in SLC 248.

2. The next Mural Painting partay will be held at Georgia’s house Friday, Sept 11 at 6:00pm. We might order pizza and go downtown afterwards. Directions. Email if you need a ride!

3. Gameday Recycling volunteer opportunity this Saturday. More details to come. Join the FB group.

4. Save the date – the club’s going camping! Local camping trip (local = 1-2 hours away) the weekend of September 18-20. Details to come.

5. Our Fall Retreat will be held at Spring Hollow over the weekend of October 23-25. This is an Ecology Club staple and shouldn’t be missed!

6. Become a fan of the Ecofocus FB group for updates and info. Link

7. You can find all this and more at our new website, https://ugaecologyclub.wordpress.com/


Mark and Georgia


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