Stay in the Loop…

Hello, bodacious babes!

We hope your break was fantastic, wherever it took you!

Here’s a little update on happenings in the Ecology Club, since our meeting last week lacked announcements:

2. Steam Plant Tour
3. Mural
4. Gameday Recycling
5. Ecofocus
6. What do you want?
7. Sweatshirts

0.  TGIF: It’s a big week for TGIF! Tomorrow, Monday, The Green Initiative Fund will be presented to the Mandatory Fees Committee by Mark Milby and Emily Karol, Go Green Alliance leaders (WOAH). Look for more information about their presentation later this week. It’s a big deal. TGIF will be calling on everyone for support this month, so we’re rallying the troups!

1. SMART: It starts this week! Tomorrow! It is a competition between 12 or so different buildings on campus to lower their energy usage. The building that lowers it’s energy needs by the biggest percentage gets $$ for their custodial staff and students.
WE CAN DO THIS! Just shut off the lights in the Ecology building whenever you can (bathrooms, for sure, but make sure no one is in there!), turn off computer monitors, etc.

2. Steam Plant Tour: It was a great success! Thanks to everyone for coming out. We hope you enjoyed that eye-opening experience. (and kudos for being very polite! i mean, we understand… it’s a bit of a touchy subject)

3. Mural: The mural is currently sitting in a pile in the lounge. UH OH. There are only a few pieces that need to be completed (most of you know who you are). Our attempt this week is to get it put on the wall, then maybe the finishing touches can be added once it’s up.

4. Gameday Recyling: We hope you’ve enjoyed the break from home games, but now it’s time to hit it hard! The whole month of November is filled with home games, and our first one is this Saturday, the 7th, vs. Tennessee Tech. We need your help! We’ve been ironing out the kinks of the system and can’t wait to see all of you in your highlighter-shirts on Saturday 🙂 Look out for an additional email later this week with more details on volunteer times.

5. Ecofocus: Thanks for all the help with Ecofocus! Thanks to the volunteers and the viewers, it was a hit! We hope you enjoyed the festival 🙂

6. Let us know what you would like to do this month with the club. We have tours we can take, places to go, people to see… etc. but we would love your input! If there is something specific you’d like to do, email us and tell us! November is swamped with Gameday Recycling and Thanksgiving break, but if you’d like for us to go camping, have a cookout or something random, tell us!

7. Sweatshirts: Any designs? Keep doodling! Since the meeting was weird this week, we’ll collect and vote on logo designs at our next meeting.

Enjoy the pretty changing leaves!
All our Eco-love,
Georgia and Mark


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