MRF Tour and Meeting Notes

Ecoladies and enviromen,

We’re going to the Materials Recycling Facility! Yay!

Free tour at our lovely MRF with ACC Recycling Director Suki Janssen this Friday, November 20. ACC Recycling has a “special” bus picking us up at 11:00am on Green Street (the side of Snelling). We will return around 12:30pm – but this is something to miss class for!


Notethe bus will leave at 11:00am – no exceptions! Leave class a few minutes early if you must.

If anyone is interested in group-biking (leaving Ecology at approx. 10:00am), email

Other Important Notes:

Thursday, Nov 19 – SEA’s Coal Action Day, Tate Plaza

Join SEA to speak out against our campus’s coal-fired boiler and in favor of a clean energy future.
Also, join the Go Green Alliance in supporting sustainability at UGA through an aerial photograph off the new Tate bridge at 12:15pm.


Friday, Nov 20 – Ecology Club sweatshirt design deadline

Leave your designs for our to-be-printed sweatshirt on the lounge bookshare shelf by the end of the day.

Saturday, Nov 21 – Gameday Recycling v. Kentucky

First shift at 11:30am, second shift at 6:00pm.
Details at

Wednesday, Dec 2 – Ecology Club Secret Santa Party/Potluck

Secret Santa/Potluck in place of our last meeting! Georgia will assign everyone another club member for which you must provide a gift. Bring a dish to share!
Email by Nov. 18 to have someone randomly assigned to you. You will receive your assignment next week.
Rules: Must be local, crafty, constructed, made or reused, (cannot just buy something new!), can be edible


Friday, Dec 4 – Gameday Recycling Party

Location and time TBA, bonfire and plenty of drinks provided. Open to all past and present Gameday Recycling volunteers.





Georgia and Mark


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