What you need to know!

The semester is winding down, yes. So what is it time for? PARTY!!! (it’s what we’re good at)

TOMORROW, Wednesday Dec. 2, 5:00 pm in the Ecology Lounge– Secret Santa gift exchange and potluck!
This means that you need to go get your last minute gift together- stat! …And please bring a yummy dish. Feel free to wear tacky holiday clothes and come on out! It doesn’t matter if you are or aren’t doing the gift exchange, all Ecology Clubbers are welcome.

This Friday is the Odum School Holiday Party! Yay! Food and friends in the lobby at 4:00. Then…

Our annual Gameday Recycling Partay is for all past, present, and future gameday recycling volunteers is this Friday beginning at 9pm. It will probably go late. If you ever helped out in any way, this is your party! Plenty of drinks will be provided and many shenanigans will be had. If you prefer liquor, bring some to share. Bring your own goblet – as always this is a no waste party!

Come enjoy the SPOILS OF WAR!!

So, here’s the email digest: PARTY PARTY PARTY


Love always,

Georgia and Marky


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