Copenhagen Climate Talks: Week One Summary

Lots happening at the Copenhagen Climate Conference:

We are halfway through the Conference, running Dec 7-18. Unbiased sources of running news include:

Official UNCOP-15 website
The U.S. Administration’s Official COP-15 website
New York Times’ Copenhagen section

Connie Hedegaard (President of the climate conference) stated today, “we have made considerable progress over the course of the first week”.

“According to delegates, negotiators have advanced on texts on how to supply new green technologies – like wind and solar power – to developing nations. Progress has also been made in promoting use of forests to soak up carbon dioxide, Reuters reports… But there are still deep splits on issues such as raising funds for developing countries and sharing out the burden of greenhouse gas emissions curbs.” Full Article

As expected intense debate is waging between the U.S. and China, the world’s top producers of greenhouse gases. Both are arguing over what percentage reduction in emissions is meaningful and realistic (Article). The U.S. delegates are under exceptional pressure given strong domestic opposition (Read about it here):

“The Republican delegation will try to protest as Barack Obama is expected to express his commitment to a new global pact that will combat global warming.”

Protests have been rampant throughout Copenhagen, the most notable of which occurred at a press conference for Americans for Progress (a conservative/libertarian interest group denying climate change). Youth delegates from several organizations (SustainUS, WWF, Sierra Club, etc.) stormed the broadcast with chants and banners. Video here.

Present was Lord Monckton, one of the world’s most outspoken climate science critics, who called the activists “Hitler youth” (previous video and short clip here). GGA note: Please remember that Monckton, like most climate deniers, is not a scientist and is funded by interest groups using non-peer reviewed literature. Earlier this year he stated that Obama and COP-15 intended to “impose a communist world government on the world.”

More updates in a few days. Reliable climate change science can be found at (click “Start Here”).

Stay true to science and don’t give in to media,

Go Green Alliance


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