Copenhagen Update: Time is Running Out

Go Greenies,

Time is running out at the Copenhagen Climate Conference:

We are nearly through the Conference, running Dec 7-18. Unbiased sources of running news still include:

Official UNCOP-15 website
The U.S. Administration’s Official COP-15 website
New York Times’ Copenhagen section

I’ll be honest, folks, it’s not looking good. World leaders arrive soon and there has yet to be any agreement. Negotiators worked until dawn but were “unable to reach agreement,” reported John Ashe of Antigua to the full 193-nation conference this morning. Yikes. Article.

Yesterday (Tuesday) marked the beginning of the high-level part of the conference, as 192 heads-of-state will now arrive with expectations of officially signing negotiations built during the past week. These agreements have not been made. Obama arrives Friday.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon made a big statement yesterday: “We know what we must do. We know what the world expects. Our job here and now is to seal the deal, a deal in our common interest… [world’s leaders face] a defining moment in history.” Article.

He also said that leaving resolutions for leaders to deal with at the very last minute would be “a failure of potentially catastrophic consequence.”

Meanwhile huge protests are raging all around the Bella Conference Center. In addition to the nearly 1,000 people arrested in the 40,000-person rally a few days ago, several hundred were also detained earlier today from a protest by Climate Justice Action (very militant env. org). They are rallying to “take over the conference for one day and transform it into a ‘People’s Assembly'”. Although it sounds counterproductive about 300 people in the conference assembly ran out to join the marchers in the street. COP Article. CNN Article.

Sign the Avaaz petition – already 11 million signatures – looking to be the biggest petition in history.




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