Great Opportunities for EC Members

Beautiful ecoladies and sustainable gentlemen,

Several opportunities you should know about:

1. Volunteer positions at UGA Ecolodge in San Luis
2. EPA Fellowship for undergraduates
3. “Ecotones” acapella group seeking members
4. SMART Initiative seeking motivated students


1. The University of Georgia’s Costa Rica campus (San Luis de Monteverde, Costa Rica) is currently accepting applications for the following volunteer staff positions:

  • Resident Naturalist: 2 positions available in April/May 2010
  • Administrative Assistant: 1 position available June 15, 2010

More information is available at our website: If you know someone who would be a great match for either position, please have them contact me (Lindsay Stallcup) by email at

2. Awesome EPA fellowship:

All Vocalists and Ecology Enthusiasts, Last week, I had a party at my place and a few of us ecology graduate students ended up singing some songs together.  The thought came up that we should start a co-ed A Cappella vocal group called the ECOTONES. We would sing arrangements of contemporary songs by U2, Black-Eyed Peas, The Eagles, 10,000 Maniacs, etc.  We’d meet about every other week for rehearsal.  Things would be pretty laid back and open to profs, staff, graduate students, post docs, undergrads, and non-students.  No vocal training or extensive experience is necessary and we won’t have auditions.  All are welcome. We already have 13 people signed up but we need more vocalists to fill out our sound.  We are also looking for a beat-boxer or vocal percussionist.  Drop me a line if you think this sounds fun.  I’ll need your name, email, vocal part, and phone number.  Hope to hear from you soon.  Thanks. -Blair 919-881-0783

4. From Cody Parmer: The SMART initiative will be continued next semester through internships provided by Dr. Pickering as ECOL 4940 which counts as an elective for the major. Currently we have 11 enrolled and we need a minimum of 10 or the class doesn’t go through.  Is there anyone interested in taking this course for 3 hours of credit? The course will be very non-traditional and will basically be focused on taking SMART to the next level.  Our goals for the semester are to work with the administration on internalizing energy costs on a building to building basis, working across campus to establish standard indoor temperatures of 65-68 degrees in the winter and 75-78 in the summer and launching an educational campaign across campus to teach sustainable and responsible energy use practices.  We really just need 4 or 5 motivated individuals to make sure this thing is done right next semester.
If interested them e-mail Cody at

Love always,

Mark “most likely to get arrested on purpose” Milby


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