Club Ecology: Initiate.

Welcome to a brand new year of club domination! Based on majority opinion, Spring meetings will be held every other Tuesday at 5:00pm.
The first meeting will be Tuesday the 26th at 5:00pm in Ecology (exact location TBA).
Coming up in our January schedule:
  • Tour of UGA Research Greenhouses (confirmed but date TBA)
  • Ecology Club “assasins” game
  • EHS Club/Ecology Club Film “Festival” (confirmed but dates TBA)
  • Group Potluck at Dr. Jim Richardson’s house (Jan. 27th 6pm)
  • ACC Green Life Expo (Jan. 29, 30)
Coming after January:
  • Spring Break group trip
  • Pigeon Mountain caving/rock climbing trip
  • Mini-BRAG/camping trip to Washington, Georgia (Misha’s property)
  • IM-field chimney nights
The Ecology Club has been published! Check out the excerpts from Herpetelogical Review, attached. Records are from last year’s Spring Hollow retreats.
FYI: Student volunteers are needed for the Green Life Expo. Free tshirt! See attached and let us know. They could use help in the children’s area and with recycling/composting.
As always, meetings are clothing-optional and pet friendly. See you there!
Mark and Georgia

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