Let’s Go, Ecology Club!

Ecolovers, It’s time to begin.

  • The Winter Activities Fair is tomorrow (Tuesday, 26th)! We’ll be tabling from 11am – 3pm in the Tate Grand Hall Ballroom – stop by, help us hold down the table (we’d REALLY appreciate it), and visit the other Go Green Alliance booths.
  • For our first meeting tomorrow, we’ll be taking a tour of the UGA Research Greenhouses! Info here. Please meet tomorrow (Tuesday, 26th) outside the Ecology building (front brick ramp) at 4:50pm SHARP. Cars will be waiting – we’ll carpool over to Riverbend Road and be back within the hour. Get pumped! The Director himself is showing us around!
  • Then, on Wednesday (27th), we’re having a potluck dinner at Dr. Jim Richardson’s house! Please join us at 550 Southview Rd. (it’s REALLY close… map it and carpool/bike/walk) from 6pm – 8:30pm with a dish or drink for some great conversation and friend-time with a favorite professor.
  • But wait! It’s not over! This weekend is the Athens Green Life Expo! Info here. It’s Friday and Saturday, it’s at the Classic Center, it’s all free, and check out some of these seminars – really cool. A lot of us will be here, so join us!

Yay! Remember, all this and more on our website and calendar (website tab – look up).


Georgia and Mark


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