Go Go Ecology Club


Hope you enjoyed the first installment of the EC/EHS February Film Swap – we had a great turnout! Tune in for the second round next week, this coming Tuesday, Feb 16th in the Ecology auditorium at 5:30pm. Pizza!

Here’s some info we decided at our meeting – put these in your calendars (your sexy calendars, of course):

Spring Break – undecided, but we’re leaning towards camping/Sapelo Island, GA
2nd Potluck at Misha’s houseMarch 4

Spring Retreat at Odum Cabin in IlaMarch 26-28 (biking and carpooling groups both ways)

EC Soccer tourney/field dayApril 3rd

Crockford-Pigeon Mtn WMA (hiking/camping/caving/wildflowers/herping/rock climbing)  – April 16-18

Mini-EC BRAG to Washington, GA (group bike ride 50+ miles and camping – carpooling too) – April 23-25

All of this will be up on our calendar this weekend – access it from our website.

Love always,

Mark  🙂   &  Georgia   ❤


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