Upcoming Goodies!

Ecology Clubbies,

There is no meeting this week – it’s another midterm week and most of us are still recovering from our Spring Break adventure. In fact, just wait for us to call the next meeting – we have a lot of fun events coming up and not much need for boring ol’ meetings. 🙂

Spring Retreat 2010: Odum Cabin at Spring Hollow in Ila, March 26-28. Directions from campus – travel time 20-30 minutes.

Carpools will be meeting in the Ecology-Green St. parking lot at 5:30pm Friday the 26th and will return to campus Sunday the 28th early afternoon. If you’d like to catch a ride, email us within the week.
Group bike ride will leave from the Ecology bldg. at 5pm Friday the 26th. Our bike route – roughly 20 miles, will take 1-2 hours. Beginners welcome (there will be groups going different speeds) but helmet required.
Ecology Club will pay for food, but be prepared to pitch your driver a few bucks for gas. If you would like to partake in beverages, bring $5 and your own cup.
You will need a flashlight/headlamp, hiking shoes, sleeping bag (tent if you’d like to camp but there’s plenty of room in the cabin), and any instruments/games you have.

Awesome Weekend v.2010: Crockford-Pigeon Mountain WMA and Tennessee Aquarium, April 16-18. Our trip map. Last year’s photos.

Carpools will leave the Ecology-Green St. parking lot at 4pm Friday the 16th and will return to campus Sunday the 18th early evening. Email us if you want to carpool.

We will camp at Pigeon Mtn. Friday and Saturday nights and spend Saturday hiking, rock climbing, herping, and caving.

We will leave Pigeon Mtn Sunday morning and drive to Chattanooga, TN (one hour north) for a behind-the-scenes tour of the Tennessee Aquarium.
Ecology Club will pay for food, but you must split gas with your driver (a.k.a. we need full carpools).
You will need full camping regalia: flashlight/headlamp, tent/sleeping bag, hiking shoes/clothes, and shirt/long pants that can be destroyed by Petty John’s Cave. (evil laughter). Durso, Todd, and Mark will try their best to not lose anyone further than one mile underground.

PLEASE RESPOND ASAP: We need a headcount to secure the Aquarium tour. If you plan on joining us, we need to know within the week! Feel free to join us just Sunday if you can’t make the rest of the weekend.

 Always lovin’,

Mark and Georgia

p.s. Our very own Andrew Durso will be joining us from the frigid, herp-barren cornfields of Illinois! Yay!


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