Spring Retreat Details

Ecolclub: Here’s some last-minute details and reminder for this weekend:

  • Carpools are meeting at 5:30pm from the Green St./AF ROTC parking lot. Georgia is leading – her cell is 706-206-0421.
  • The group bike ride is leaving from the front of Ecology at 5:00pm. Mark is leading – his cell is 678-787-8597.
  • It will be warm during the day and cold at night. Bring warm clothes. We may run a hash = running gear.
  • Many folks will be sleeping out. Bring a tent if you wish. Everyone needs a sleeping bag and a flashlight.
  • Drinks and other activities will be provided – bring cash money and your own goblet if you plan on partaking.
    • Solo cups are not allowed on the property (Mark’s rule)
  • Please bring either a snack to share or a few dollars to pitch in the community food pile.
    • Georgia’s car will stop at the grocery store on the way for snackies.
  • Food will be mostly vegan.
  • Bring musical instruments and games!


See you there!


Love Mark and Georgia


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