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Welcome to the Ecology Club! We are an environmental advocacy student organization based out of the Odum School of Ecology at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. The club connects undergraduate ecology majors to one another and to opportunities in research and service, and is always ready to get its hands dirty with outreach in the local community or with campus sustainability initiatives.

The Ecology Club was originally founded years ago out of the Institute of Ecology with the help of Dr. Frank Golley. Some years later, support waned and the club disbanded. Then, in 2007, the Institute became the Eugene P. Odum School of Ecology, the first of its kind in the world. The same year saw a great renewal of excitement among undergraduates, and thus, the club was born again. Led by then-senior Dale Broder and junior Jean Chi, ecology undergraduates once again began to connect.

Since then, the club has grown rapidly and is now very active on campus and in the community. Members include not only ecology majors and minors but students from all majors and parts of campus. We are always grateful for the wonderful and ongoing support of our advisors, Misha Boyd and Jim Richardson, and to the Odum School of Ecology. Our first meeting of 2011 has not been determined yet – check back soon!

For more information, questions, comments, or to be added to our emailing list, email ugaecologyclub@gmail.com.

General Contact: ugaecologyclub@gmail.com

Georgia Cobb, co-president: georgia1@uga.edu

Kelly Robinson, co-president: krob3@uga.edu

Past presidents:

Mark Milby, co-president 2008-2010 : markmilby@gmail.com

Jean Chi, co-president 2007-2009 : jeanfchi@gmail.com

Dale Broder, co-president 2007-2008

Some of us at Pigeon Mountain's Lost WallSome lovely EC members at Pigeon Mtn after a weekend of caving and camping in early 2009

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