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Add to the EC Test Bank!

Hey Ecolovers!

We hope you’re doing great with your finals! We know you can’t wait to get home for the holidays.

But before you go, we’d like to remind you NOT to just recycle your old notes and tests from this semester (although throwing them in the bin is quite cathartic), but please add them to our test bank! It is in the Ecology lounge cabinet, bottom right drawer. You’ll see folders labeled for all the different classes. If you can’t part with them, make copies! This will really help out everyone next semester and is available for any of us to use!

Thanks for a wonderful semester, love and luck to all of you!!


Georgia “the better-looking co-president” Cobb


What you need to know!

The semester is winding down, yes. So what is it time for? PARTY!!! (it’s what we’re good at)

TOMORROW, Wednesday Dec. 2, 5:00 pm in the Ecology Lounge– Secret Santa gift exchange and potluck!
This means that you need to go get your last minute gift together- stat! …And please bring a yummy dish. Feel free to wear tacky holiday clothes and come on out! It doesn’t matter if you are or aren’t doing the gift exchange, all Ecology Clubbers are welcome.

This Friday is the Odum School Holiday Party! Yay! Food and friends in the lobby at 4:00. Then…

Our annual Gameday Recycling Partay is for all past, present, and future gameday recycling volunteers is this Friday beginning at 9pm. It will probably go late. If you ever helped out in any way, this is your party! Plenty of drinks will be provided and many shenanigans will be had. If you prefer liquor, bring some to share. Bring your own goblet – as always this is a no waste party!

Come enjoy the SPOILS OF WAR!!

So, here’s the email digest: PARTY PARTY PARTY


Love always,

Georgia and Marky

Three Things EC Members MUST DO

Ecology Clubbies,

We can’t make things mandatory, but if we did, these three things would be:

1. Be in the Go Green Alliance’s aerial photograph supporting sustainability at UGA tomorrow at 12:15pm off the Tate2 bridge (Thursday Nov 19). Skip class.

2. Be on the special bus leaving from Snelling at 11:00am Friday (Nov 20) for a free tour the Athens Materials Recycling Facility. Back ~ 12:45pm. Skip class.

3. Read the best New York Times article we’ve seen in awhile. Don’t skip class.

We love you.

Mark n’ Georgia

MRF Tour and Meeting Notes

Ecoladies and enviromen,

We’re going to the Materials Recycling Facility! Yay!

Free tour at our lovely MRF with ACC Recycling Director Suki Janssen this Friday, November 20. ACC Recycling has a “special” bus picking us up at 11:00am on Green Street (the side of Snelling). We will return around 12:30pm – but this is something to miss class for!


Notethe bus will leave at 11:00am – no exceptions! Leave class a few minutes early if you must.

If anyone is interested in group-biking (leaving Ecology at approx. 10:00am), email

Other Important Notes:

Thursday, Nov 19 – SEA’s Coal Action Day, Tate Plaza

Join SEA to speak out against our campus’s coal-fired boiler and in favor of a clean energy future.
Also, join the Go Green Alliance in supporting sustainability at UGA through an aerial photograph off the new Tate bridge at 12:15pm.


Friday, Nov 20 – Ecology Club sweatshirt design deadline

Leave your designs for our to-be-printed sweatshirt on the lounge bookshare shelf by the end of the day.

Saturday, Nov 21 – Gameday Recycling v. Kentucky

First shift at 11:30am, second shift at 6:00pm.
Details at

Wednesday, Dec 2 – Ecology Club Secret Santa Party/Potluck

Secret Santa/Potluck in place of our last meeting! Georgia will assign everyone another club member for which you must provide a gift. Bring a dish to share!
Email by Nov. 18 to have someone randomly assigned to you. You will receive your assignment next week.
Rules: Must be local, crafty, constructed, made or reused, (cannot just buy something new!), can be edible


Friday, Dec 4 – Gameday Recycling Party

Location and time TBA, bonfire and plenty of drinks provided. Open to all past and present Gameday Recycling volunteers.





Georgia and Mark

This Week in EC


Another great week in Ecology Club:

Monday, 11/9 – We need volunteers to help set up Jim Porter’s Butterfly Identification Competition. Please meet at 3pm in the Ecology lobby, drinks and doughnuts provided.

Wednesday, 11/11 – Ecology Club meeting, 5:00pm – last official meeting of 2009. There will be parties and get-togethers in the coming weeks, of course. More details at the meeting.

Thursday, 11/12
– America Recycles Day! Ecology Club will be tabling all afternoon at the Tate Plaza. Stop by to help table, play games, dance, and get free giveaways.

Saturday, 11/14 – vs. Auburn Gameday Recycling – BIG game, we need lots of volunteers – check for times.

> EC Photo of the Week

Also, there’s several great lectures happening this week:

Tuesday, 11/10 – “Using phylogenies to bridge community ecology and evolutionary biology”
Location: Ecology bldg auditorium, 4:00pm
by Patrick Stephens

Tuesday, 11/10 – “Toxins in Newborn Babies: What are the Consequences?”
Location: 104 Conner Hall, 5:30-7:00pm

The human race is now polluted with hundreds of industrial chemicals – with little or no understanding of the consequences. Even babies are born pre-polluted with as many as 300 industrial chemicals in their bodies when they enter the world. What are the implications not only for human health but for our sense of bodily integrity?

Lecture by Ken Cook, Environmental Working Group, followed by expert panel discussion with Dr. Jeffrey W. Fisher, UGA Interdisciplinary Toxicology Program and Dr. Maria E. Faase, Director of Neonatology at Athens Regional Medical Center.

Co-sponsored by Office of Environmental Sciences, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; Environmental Ethics Certificate Program; and Knight Chair in Health and Medical Journalism, Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication

Wednesday, 11/11 – “Lost for 120 years – Rediscovery of the robust redhorse and the importance of natural history museums”
Location: 117 Ecology Bldg., 1:25pm
by Dr. Byron Freeman, Director, Georgia Museum of Natural History

Have a great week,

Georgia and Mark

TTU Gameday Recycling

Ecology lovers,

As you know, the Gameday Recycling program is an simple and fun way to get involved first-hand with sustainability at UGA! This Saturday’s early kickoff time will make for an easy and enjoyable morning… please come out and help! The more volunteers, the more successful the program!

This is OUR program so please come support it!

Shifts start tomorrow at 9:00am on the Georgia Quad, breakfast provided! For details, see

See you out there!

Mark and Georgia

Rivers Alive 2009

Sunday November 8, 2009. (Its not on a Game Day so that’s no excuse for not making it out!)

When: Event runs from 2:00 – 6:00pm. Registration begins at 1:30.
Be one of the first 250 and receive a free T-Shirt!

Where: Instead of Dudley Park this year, Rivers Alive will be hosted at the Athens Multimodal Transit Center. If you are headed down Broad Street (away from Downtown) you will turn left onto the street thats across from Jittery Joe’s.  The MMTC will be on your left. Here is a MAP if you would like to see for yourself. 🙂

Keeping with Rivers Alive tradition, there will be free food, live music, and lots of fantastic people in attendance!

As usual however, it is recommended that you wear long pants, close toed shoes, and long sleeve shirts.  Gloves will be provided, but it would be good to bring your own pair (if you have them) just in case.

If you need to make arrangements for transportation, we can work something out (find carpooling options, rent an ox cart, whatever we need to do to get you there), just let us know soon!

If you need any more information, feel free to get in touch with me (Jamie McKenzie) at or 770-608-9320.

Do you need a ride?  Several cars will be leaving the Ecology building front parking lot at 1:30pm.  Please email with your name and phone number  if you plan on riding with us so we can wait for you.

Hope to see you all there, its gonna be a blast!

Jamie McKenzie