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Go Go Ecology Club


Hope you enjoyed the first installment of the EC/EHS February Film Swap – we had a great turnout! Tune in for the second round next week, this coming Tuesday, Feb 16th in the Ecology auditorium at 5:30pm. Pizza!

Here’s some info we decided at our meeting – put these in your calendars (your sexy calendars, of course):

Spring Break – undecided, but we’re leaning towards camping/Sapelo Island, GA
2nd Potluck at Misha’s houseMarch 4

Spring Retreat at Odum Cabin in IlaMarch 26-28 (biking and carpooling groups both ways)

EC Soccer tourney/field dayApril 3rd

Crockford-Pigeon Mtn WMA (hiking/camping/caving/wildflowers/herping/rock climbing)  – April 16-18

Mini-EC BRAG to Washington, GA (group bike ride 50+ miles and camping – carpooling too) – April 23-25

All of this will be up on our calendar this weekend – access it from our website.

Love always,

Mark  🙂   &  Georgia   ❤


Ecology Clubby Winter Break Poll

Great Opportunities for EC Members

Beautiful ecoladies and sustainable gentlemen,

Several opportunities you should know about:

1. Volunteer positions at UGA Ecolodge in San Luis
2. EPA Fellowship for undergraduates
3. “Ecotones” acapella group seeking members
4. SMART Initiative seeking motivated students


1. The University of Georgia’s Costa Rica campus (San Luis de Monteverde, Costa Rica) is currently accepting applications for the following volunteer staff positions:

  • Resident Naturalist: 2 positions available in April/May 2010
  • Administrative Assistant: 1 position available June 15, 2010

More information is available at our website: If you know someone who would be a great match for either position, please have them contact me (Lindsay Stallcup) by email at

2. Awesome EPA fellowship:

All Vocalists and Ecology Enthusiasts, Last week, I had a party at my place and a few of us ecology graduate students ended up singing some songs together.  The thought came up that we should start a co-ed A Cappella vocal group called the ECOTONES. We would sing arrangements of contemporary songs by U2, Black-Eyed Peas, The Eagles, 10,000 Maniacs, etc.  We’d meet about every other week for rehearsal.  Things would be pretty laid back and open to profs, staff, graduate students, post docs, undergrads, and non-students.  No vocal training or extensive experience is necessary and we won’t have auditions.  All are welcome. We already have 13 people signed up but we need more vocalists to fill out our sound.  We are also looking for a beat-boxer or vocal percussionist.  Drop me a line if you think this sounds fun.  I’ll need your name, email, vocal part, and phone number.  Hope to hear from you soon.  Thanks. -Blair 919-881-0783

4. From Cody Parmer: The SMART initiative will be continued next semester through internships provided by Dr. Pickering as ECOL 4940 which counts as an elective for the major. Currently we have 11 enrolled and we need a minimum of 10 or the class doesn’t go through.  Is there anyone interested in taking this course for 3 hours of credit? The course will be very non-traditional and will basically be focused on taking SMART to the next level.  Our goals for the semester are to work with the administration on internalizing energy costs on a building to building basis, working across campus to establish standard indoor temperatures of 65-68 degrees in the winter and 75-78 in the summer and launching an educational campaign across campus to teach sustainable and responsible energy use practices.  We really just need 4 or 5 motivated individuals to make sure this thing is done right next semester.
If interested them e-mail Cody at

Love always,

Mark “most likely to get arrested on purpose” Milby

Copenhagen Update: Time is Running Out

Go Greenies,

Time is running out at the Copenhagen Climate Conference:

We are nearly through the Conference, running Dec 7-18. Unbiased sources of running news still include:

Official UNCOP-15 website
The U.S. Administration’s Official COP-15 website
New York Times’ Copenhagen section

I’ll be honest, folks, it’s not looking good. World leaders arrive soon and there has yet to be any agreement. Negotiators worked until dawn but were “unable to reach agreement,” reported John Ashe of Antigua to the full 193-nation conference this morning. Yikes. Article.

Yesterday (Tuesday) marked the beginning of the high-level part of the conference, as 192 heads-of-state will now arrive with expectations of officially signing negotiations built during the past week. These agreements have not been made. Obama arrives Friday.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon made a big statement yesterday: “We know what we must do. We know what the world expects. Our job here and now is to seal the deal, a deal in our common interest… [world’s leaders face] a defining moment in history.” Article.

He also said that leaving resolutions for leaders to deal with at the very last minute would be “a failure of potentially catastrophic consequence.”

Meanwhile huge protests are raging all around the Bella Conference Center. In addition to the nearly 1,000 people arrested in the 40,000-person rally a few days ago, several hundred were also detained earlier today from a protest by Climate Justice Action (very militant env. org). They are rallying to “take over the conference for one day and transform it into a ‘People’s Assembly'”. Although it sounds counterproductive about 300 people in the conference assembly ran out to join the marchers in the street. COP Article. CNN Article.

Sign the Avaaz petition – already 11 million signatures – looking to be the biggest petition in history.



Copenhagen Climate Talks: Week One Summary

Lots happening at the Copenhagen Climate Conference:

We are halfway through the Conference, running Dec 7-18. Unbiased sources of running news include:

Official UNCOP-15 website
The U.S. Administration’s Official COP-15 website
New York Times’ Copenhagen section

Connie Hedegaard (President of the climate conference) stated today, “we have made considerable progress over the course of the first week”.

“According to delegates, negotiators have advanced on texts on how to supply new green technologies – like wind and solar power – to developing nations. Progress has also been made in promoting use of forests to soak up carbon dioxide, Reuters reports… But there are still deep splits on issues such as raising funds for developing countries and sharing out the burden of greenhouse gas emissions curbs.” Full Article

As expected intense debate is waging between the U.S. and China, the world’s top producers of greenhouse gases. Both are arguing over what percentage reduction in emissions is meaningful and realistic (Article). The U.S. delegates are under exceptional pressure given strong domestic opposition (Read about it here):

“The Republican delegation will try to protest as Barack Obama is expected to express his commitment to a new global pact that will combat global warming.”

Protests have been rampant throughout Copenhagen, the most notable of which occurred at a press conference for Americans for Progress (a conservative/libertarian interest group denying climate change). Youth delegates from several organizations (SustainUS, WWF, Sierra Club, etc.) stormed the broadcast with chants and banners. Video here.

Present was Lord Monckton, one of the world’s most outspoken climate science critics, who called the activists “Hitler youth” (previous video and short clip here). GGA note: Please remember that Monckton, like most climate deniers, is not a scientist and is funded by interest groups using non-peer reviewed literature. Earlier this year he stated that Obama and COP-15 intended to “impose a communist world government on the world.”

More updates in a few days. Reliable climate change science can be found at (click “Start Here”).

Stay true to science and don’t give in to media,

Go Green Alliance

MRF Tour and Meeting Notes

Ecoladies and enviromen,

We’re going to the Materials Recycling Facility! Yay!

Free tour at our lovely MRF with ACC Recycling Director Suki Janssen this Friday, November 20. ACC Recycling has a “special” bus picking us up at 11:00am on Green Street (the side of Snelling). We will return around 12:30pm – but this is something to miss class for!


Notethe bus will leave at 11:00am – no exceptions! Leave class a few minutes early if you must.

If anyone is interested in group-biking (leaving Ecology at approx. 10:00am), email

Other Important Notes:

Thursday, Nov 19 – SEA’s Coal Action Day, Tate Plaza

Join SEA to speak out against our campus’s coal-fired boiler and in favor of a clean energy future.
Also, join the Go Green Alliance in supporting sustainability at UGA through an aerial photograph off the new Tate bridge at 12:15pm.


Friday, Nov 20 – Ecology Club sweatshirt design deadline

Leave your designs for our to-be-printed sweatshirt on the lounge bookshare shelf by the end of the day.

Saturday, Nov 21 – Gameday Recycling v. Kentucky

First shift at 11:30am, second shift at 6:00pm.
Details at

Wednesday, Dec 2 – Ecology Club Secret Santa Party/Potluck

Secret Santa/Potluck in place of our last meeting! Georgia will assign everyone another club member for which you must provide a gift. Bring a dish to share!
Email by Nov. 18 to have someone randomly assigned to you. You will receive your assignment next week.
Rules: Must be local, crafty, constructed, made or reused, (cannot just buy something new!), can be edible


Friday, Dec 4 – Gameday Recycling Party

Location and time TBA, bonfire and plenty of drinks provided. Open to all past and present Gameday Recycling volunteers.





Georgia and Mark

Sustainability is Sexy 2010

Sexy Ladies and Gentlemen,

We’ve waited far too long. But there’s still time. Georgia and Mark are coordinating the last-minute creation of the 2010 Sustainability is Sexy calendar.

We need to know, within the next few days, a final count of who’s interested in posing. Groups are encouraged – find your way into one. We will be assigning groups their photo assignment by the middle of this week. You will then have TWO WEEKS to get it done. Some serious deadlines must be met to get this thing out in time for winter break.

If you’ve never seen last year’s calendar, check the lounge drawers for a sample. 🙂

Please email with your interest asap. If you can, find a group and let us know, otherwise we may have to put some singles in a group. This is all first come, first serve. LET’S GO!


The Sustainable
The Sexy
The Ecology Club