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Herpetological Review, 2009. Madison County, Georgia. Geographic Distribution. Odum Cabin Herp Review

Red and Black, November 19, 2009. Article.

“Riding bikes will be the easiest and most efficient way to help the environment”

Red and Black, September 18, 2009. Article

“…about 70 volunteers were responsible for recycling more than three tons of waste on Saturday – the most any group has ever recycled during one home game weekend.”

Flagpole, September 2, 2009.

“…it’s too bad the UGA Athletic Association has had to be shamed into providing recycling opportunities by the student volunteers who started the Gameday Recycling program on fall Saturdays, but hey: whatever works.” – pg. 5

Red and Black, January 22, 2009. Article

Title: “HAPPY NUDE YEAR! UGA students strip for greener goals”

UGA Honors Newsletter, Winter 2009. PDF

Lots of EC members throughout newsletter.

Flagpole, December 3,2008. Article

“Now that change is coming from the bottom up, we can make some big changes.”

Athens Banner-Herald, November 29, 2008. Article

“The students’ greatest long-run impact may be in making fans more willing to support recycling….”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, November 28, 2008. Article

“The volume of waste produced on game day is unimaginable….”

UGA Columns, November 17, 2008. Article

“They found that about 60 percent of the center’s garbage could be recycled.”

University of Georgia Press Release, November 7, 2008. Article

“We have a commitment to sustainability and recycling is just the first step.”

WGAU 1340am, October 2008. Website

“…the ultimate goal here is to get more University involvement….”

Athens Banner-Herald, August 29, 2008. Article

“We are trying to change the culture to make the university more sustainable….”

Red and Black, August 8, 2008. Article

“…but we’re going to collect as much as we can or we’re gonna go down trying.”

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Andrew Durso

Christina Faust

Devin Myers, again

David Paulk

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